A+ Grade Score Cheats Cheating Tom on Android

Playing Cheating Tom will assign you to accomplish your main goal that is to cheat your way to the top.
Here, you will take a role as either Tom or Tammy, then if you can effectively cheat off of other students, you will get higher grades in this game.

cheating tom tips

In the way of cheating off of someone, you will simply tap and hold them until the bar over their head fills up
Afterwards, your overall grade bar at the top will fill a little bit.

At this point, you can repeat until you have a maximum grade of A+.
When doing so, you must pay attention to the color of the bar above the student that you are cheating.

If it is green you are good to go.
If it is yellow they are going to be angry and will be more likely to draw a glance from a teacher.
If it is red and you fill it anyways, the student is more likely to get pissed off or cry and a stop sign will appear.
So you cannot cheat off of them anymore for awhile and it is time to stop cheating off them.

Therefore, you have to switch to another student.
Then, when the stop sign disappears, you can go back to the other previous student and cheat off of them again.

Later on, you can try to stay close to the students who are closest to you and are not blocked off by a big extended desk.
Moreover, you may able to find the students with bars fill up twice as fast as usual or whose bars will give you double the amount of grade bar fill as usual
When seeing this, just stick to them as your main ones to cheat off of.
Filling the bar quickly will be needed due to the time limits on each stage.

In order to get A+ grades, you can replay levels
Replaying the level usually helps as you need a certain grade to progress to a new set of levels.
For such reasons, you must learn the teacher movements during the level and also which are the best students to cheat from and adjust your strategy in order to get more points with each level.
If you can practice each level for more, you will get at it and it will be easier for you to get that A+ score.

The power-ups here are extremely important, so you have to get them as soon as they appear in the classroom.
Different power-ups will give you different powers in that try to learn what each of them does and get the most out of them each time they appear in the class.

Furthermore, if you do not have enough credits to move forward to the next year of school, just go to the old stages that you have previously played before and scored less than an A+ on, then play them for more.

At the same time, you can take advantage of all of the power ups, such as the ghost power up that hides you from the teacher and the bubble power up which is teleportation for a limited period of time so that with those power ups, you can go faster and decrease your chances of getting caught.

In addition, try not to let the students leave the class
When the students start blinking, it means that they will leave class so that if they leave, you will have one less student to cheat from.

To prevent them leaving the class, just go to them and they will miraculously decide to stay.
Plus, if you still have a ton of students left after one leaves, you might let them go as well.

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