Jewels Cheats Clash of Lords 2 on Android

Clash of Lords 2 is a card-battling game where you can mix cards to give you the ability to siege other bases and defend your own base from attacks.
Playing clash of lords 2 game will get you to earn rare cards through battles
Here, you can also earn gold or gems for free by logging in the game daily

clash of lords 2 tips

Later on, battles in this game will give you experience power up your hero in which when you hit three stars on a single player battle, you will earn three cards as bonuses.
If you need to load up on cards as experience-point fodder, you have to go fight one of the old battles again and again, which will give you bigger card as rewards.

Every day that you log into the game, you will get free gems as a login reward.
Moreover, completing achievements will also earn you free gems as well.

Meanwhile, you can try to resist the temptation to speed up construction on anything, instead using them on more builders.
Builders in this game will provide you permanent boosts, while everything else is only temporary.

As a result, once getting some gems, you can use them to speed up any building process
Alongside, you can also get extra souls or rings that you can do when you are going into a bar and spend gems to play rock paper scissors with the game.

To survive along the game, building defenses will be the best building strategies to be put your important stuff inside of walls, with one layer of walls surrounding each one of your buildings.

The most important thing related to this is the buildings in your town hall, your gold vault and storage, and your defensive towers.
In the way of getting your victory, you will get to find toughest to beat in the PvP battles.
In line with this, you are able to drop the number of trophies with two strategies.

Early on, you should stick your town hall outside of your walls and away from your defensive towers, so that it is easy prey, and you will get quick shields whenever someone destroys it, without losing as many resources.

Furthermore, you cant try to send in one hero, then end the battle for an instant loss
And, you can repeat until your trophies are down to the desired level.

As making some progresses through the game, you can upgrade your heroes evenly.
Remember not to just upgrade the level of your hero, but you have to upgrade the levels of its mercenaries using your fire coins, which can be earned by spending mugs, in which those mugs can be earned in battle.
Moreover, you can get rings the same way, and use them to upgrade your hero’s skills.

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