Gold Cheats Clash of Three Kingdoms on Android

Clash of Three Kingdoms is a new real time strategy warfare game that will bring you in building your own kingdom in which you will be assigned to complete goal that is to enlist generals and build up your army

clash of three kingdoms guides

Here, you can conquer one city to another in historic China, as well as manage resource production and deal with political issue in your own city.
In the beginning of the game, you will have to build up your barracks so that you can train your troops in the shortest period of time.

On other side, you must build up your wood stores, cottages and farmlands, using the Advanced Construction Queue that you can activate by hitting the green chevron-esque button in the righthand side of any of your resource producing areas.

When building your resources you should know what each resource is for
Building Farmland will provide food, which is used to feed your troops.
In line with this, you must keep enough food around so that you will have enough supply to maximize your troops to be the most powerful one.

Meanwhile, building wood resource is used to train your heroes
So go to the “hero” tab and and use the “wood up” method of training to spend your wood instead of your gold currency.
You can use silver to purchase the other resources off of the black market.

Heroes and equipment are both sorted by rarity indicated by the color of their names.
White is the most common, followed by blue, then green, then orange, then red is the rarest one.

In the way of increasing your brand new heroes experience levels quickly, simply go to the instance battles, go to a battle that you have already beaten and that is easy by now
At this point, just play it a few times to get your new hero’s experience level increased at a time.

Later on , you can equip your heroes with better equipment
Therefore, go to the equipment store and hit “refresh” over and over until rarer equipment pops up, then buy it.
Note that, whenever you fire a hero, you unequip them first or you will lose all of their good equipment.

Every tech that you can unlock under “Tech” will be necessary to get you more heroes and the ability for each hero to have more rows of troops
According to this, all you will do is to follow each new tech’s quest to unlock it, then invest and research it.

By doing that action, you will be able to make new ranks and conquer tougher cities in the world map, as well as to win the battle in many countries along the game.

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