Happy Stars Cheats Cloud and Sheep Android

In order to get free happy stars in cloud and sheep game, you must pull the tails of the sheep or throw them in the air to make them happy.
So that you will get stars point by doing so.

Cloud and Sheep

Try to keep them well fed and hydrated in that it will also keep happy sheep
Try to plant flowers then get them in the mood for dating with each other so that after the sheep have finished mating they will also produce stars for you to collect.
Try to complete tasks to collect the most stars points

Guides to play cloud and sheep game
Stay away the sheep of a poisonous mushroom as they will eat it.
Keep away the sheep form the shining sun as they will just stand there until they have a heatstroke
Do not let the sheep stand in the rain for long time as they can get a cold for that reason.

You will also have to save them from their own stupidity in order to provide them for their basic needs like food and water.
When you want to produce some lambs just try to find a male and a female sheep, then let them get in their mood.
Beside providing flowers, perfume, and strawberries will give a great impact of producing so many lambs quickly.

Biologically the accurate scene plays out when sheep couple is loved up at a time, in which it will make a giant love heart emerge from the sheep and heads skyward.
As a result a new lamb will drop from the sky if that heart hits a cloud.

If you meet the objective that requires a black sheep all you have to do is follow the above instruction to produce one, but make sure the giant floating love heart hits a black cloud.

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