Blue Gems Cheats Cloud Raiders for Android

This game cloud raiders offers you to play action strategy game for free in which you will be assigned to train troops then to attack enemies for having more loot from them.
Here, you will build any building to produce what you need for your troops and castle

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In accordance with the buildings, you will start with plenty of buildings that all have very different functions which are to help you earn money, train new troops, and have defensive capabilities.
So you will have to figure out the uses of each building.

Before going to attack other enemies in this game, you must train as many troops as you can
On the other side, if you have enough troops trained at once, it becomes much more difficult for you to be defeated by the others.

At this point, you will manage variety of troops so that when building an army, your troops will have to be most effective when they have other types of troops to use alongside them.
Therefore, train them to specialize in melee as well as ranged attacks in any condition.

In order to successfully win the each battle, you have to place your troops smartly
For such reasons, you can put the troops that specialize in taking out barriers next to the barriers.

Meanwhile, you can also place Shields to protect your base
According to that line, while you are not playing this game, your base will be vulnerable to attack from other players.
Because of this, purchase a Shield before you are done playing each time you play whereby these shields will protect your base from attack.

In the way of giving extra protection for your base, you can place traps and walls around your base, in that they will trigger and harm enemies when they come close to them.
Building walls around your base, these walls will serve as a passive offense in not allowing enemies to get by them.

Remember that when building the walls, you have to leave just a hole somewhere for your troops to get out and access outside your base.

Once gathering enough money through each mission, you have to manage your troop and upgrade money storage to supply your base for further.
When being in this phase, make sure you have enough successful army on your hands.

Besides, you have to upgrade your buildings to be better ones as building the other ones will take enough time and money for them to be developed for further.

To make a good defense for your base, you can add troops to your defense bunker, that is an underrated building in your base.
By doing so, these troops will defend your island from attacks automatically, even when you are not playing.
Then, just upgrade the bunker in order to hold more troops inside.

During the play, when you complete certain raids and build certain structures, you will have a chance of earning an achievement.

After completing one of them, you can go back to the Stronghold in your base, so that you can collect rewards in form of diamonds.

If you want to earn more rewards, you can attack pirates showing up around your island waiting for you to attack them in the beginning of the game

And if you succeeded in attacking these ships with the right troops, you will have an access of getting some great rewards that can help grow your base and army even more.

Except diamonds, you will be tasked to gather gold and cloud to build new Drills and Beacons.
Later on, you will be able to double your Gold and Cloud output just by having an additional way to farm the resources in that you need to have additional troops and upgrade buildings.

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