Coins Cards Cheats for Tekken Card Tournament Android

Earn cards booster in your card deck when playing tekken tournament game
Before collecting cards, you must select the best character that fits you amongst the most famous brawlers including Paul Phoenix, Kazuya Mishima, Yoshimitsu, Panda and more.

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Every brawler has his own strengths and weaknesses represented by the cards that you can use with them. Meanwhile you will only take 15 cards into a fight along with different levels of damage and special boosts used in the battle like when you start punching and when you duck and cover.

In the tournament you can use a custom deck consists of a mix of Focus, Strike, and Block cards.
The “fusion system” in this game will allow you for having unique card combinations.

By having this card booster you can upgrade your character equipped with Augmented-Reality capabilities.
With this card booster a little Mokujin will be just dancing around your desk and you can stack your Tekken Card Tournament deck higher amongst 190 proposed cards.
So build up a deck of cards with card booster in that it will help you even in the most desperate of situations in the competition.

Get more coins and xp points by defeating the enemy in the battle
Once winning the battle you will get XP and coins as a reward.
Afterward you can spend your coins on tougher and sneakier cards to be added to your deck
Moreover level up your character with XP so that you can access to more powerful equipment.

Except coins and xp you will also get Credits as another currency that you can use to special cards and topping up your stamina bar to be regenerated fully when having a fight in the battlefield.

When fighting against opponent in this tournament, you can land a crunching blow on an opponent’s jaw when he tries to focus up another card.
On the other side you can lay the smack down another opponent via their deck.

Alongside you can combine your physical and virtual decks to upgrade your digital warriors and recruit new fighters to your roster.
In addition by having these cards you will have an access to an Augmented Reality feature that pulls fighters into the real world.

Every player will go through three actions of fight in the battle.
Focus will let you draw a card
Strike will attack your foe
Block helps you repel two cards’ worth of damage.
Note that the first fighter with his hit points will reduce to zero loses.

Then, you can customize your decks then fuse cards to get a new card
After customizing your card deck you can use the fusion system to create new cards whereby it will be the perfect strategic combinations of Focus, Strike and Block moves to take down opponents in seamless cross-platform card battles with skill-matched players from around the world.

Before going to the tournament you can train your character in solo play mode to increase your skills and capabilities
Once having enough skill you can challenge matched opponents worldwide online
So get your victory in every battle then reach your higher rank in the global rankings and collect extra rewards in themed contests and weekly battles of this game.

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