Coins Cash to Unlock New Level for Vector on Android

When playing vector game, you are assigned to earn money cash in every stage that you can use to unlock new levels in the deluxe version
Here, completing every stage will earn you coins to unlock and learn new tricks and also unlock next levels in this game

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Cash can be picked up in each level, but you can also obtain it using in-app purchases.
While running on the rooftop you can collect items that include things to unlock special moves and features.

The game offered 20 challenging levels and 40 in the “Deluxe Version” so your objective is to run faster from one end to the other without being caught by another figure.

To complete each objective you have to master a whole host of parkour moves, such as leaping over obstacles, sliding into tight spaces, and breaking your fall effectively following a large jump.
Moreover you have to avoid a particular obstacle while running and make sure you pick the quickest than the chaser.

In this game your character will be breaking free of his bonds and making a run for it then with using extraordinary techniques based on the urban ninja sport such as run, vault, slide and climb.

In the beginning you will take on the role of a silhouetted figure who is running and constantly being pursued by another shadowy figure on the rooftop.
During your journey you will be chased across the roof tops as you jump, roll, and slide around the various obstacles in your way.

All your moves will be controlled by swipes, and the rest are context-sensitive, so you do not have to remember a long list of controls.
Once getting enough cash you have to unlock over 100 different moves and to unlock the next trick as well.

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