Coins Hearts Cheats for Nutty Fluffies Rollercoaster on Android

When playing nutty fluffies rollercoaster game, you will be tasked to get more hearts by completing the main objective that is to guide the coaster with full of fluffies, which are cute and lovable stuffed animal characters on the right tracks and prevent terrible crashes while collecting as many hearts by hitting the ramps for high octane jumps.

nutty fluffies rollercoaster tips

Meanwhile you will see those fluffies flying through the air and coming back down toward the track smoothly and safely.
After gathering enough hearts you can use them to utilize things like rockets, jump jets, and magnets.
So complete targets by reaching each of the levels across each of the four worlds of this game.

Then, you can drive wild rollercoaster to create the most thrilling rides with swipe-based control system.
On the other side prepare your coaster filled with Nutty Fluffies supplies in various special carriages including rocket-powered speed merchants to magnetized ones that stick to the rails like glue.

During playing with a certain number of carriages you can add more with subsequent playthroughs or by buying them in order to keep a certain number of animals stayed in their seats.

You must then unlock new level and complete goal in each mission
Get perfect your skills in over 30 tricky rides, from classic wooden coasters to steel speed demons with using rockets, Jump jets and magnets then collect hearts and coins
Perform run huge loops, massive jumps and stomach-turning, upside-down tracks but keep those fluffies and their carriages stayed on their seats

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