Cash Prisms Cheats Colossatron Massive World Threat on Android

Playing colossatron massive world threat game will assign you to unlock powercores with prisms and combine them to strengthen your drones
PowerCores are some glowing containers which float around on the stage randomly.

colossatron massive world threat tips

Therefore, if you see them scattered on the screen, just tap to grab then drag them to the Colossatron.
In line with this, you have to collect Prims over the course of each stage, that you can use to turn around to unlock particular PowerCores in the Armory section of the game.

There will be different powercores such as basic ones, like red, yellow and blue, provide additional firepower to decimate enemies with.
Moreover, if you can combine them in the right way the will come to even more powerful allies to work with you along the game.

For such reasons, in order to combine them, just try to keep basic color blending in mind when it comes to enhancing your PowerCores.
During combination process, if you get three of the same colored PowerCores connected in a row, you can form a super-powered weapon, such as a plasma cannon or a heavy laser gun.

Besides, blending primary colored PowerCores at a time such as like red and blue, get you a completely different PowerCore coming to a purple repair drone.
So try different PowerCores, then mix and match which ones are available to see what kind of firepower they bring to the table.

Cluster Bombs will drop explosive bombs on enemies within the close range.
Flame Thrower will shoot flames at enemies close enough to get within their firing range
Laser Beam fires a continuous laser beam on an enemy, either near or far
Plasma Cannon shoots a stream of bullets at enemies within the immediate area
Ice Cannon shoots ice beams that can bounce off enemies for multiple hits
Repair Drones repairs any PowerCores that are about to be destroyed off Colossatron
As a result, if you have such powerful PowerCore, you will survive any longer on the battlezone.

If Colossatron’s parts are taken out, its head will come to a massive explosion, which will take out all enemies in the area and add to your cash total.

Note that if you see a PowerCore will explode indicated by a huge exclamation point marker over it, use your finger to drag the PowerCore, and try to target a group of enemies with it.
Doing so will explode it and take them out with a huge blast.

There are various levels of gadgets that can be unlocked with each provide additional abilities for the creature that you can use in each stage.
In the Command ones, you can either use a Snake Strike to charge at enemies or concentrate all its firepower on a single target especially for a boss.

While being in the battle, you can use Regeneration and additional firepower as your abilities.
Alongside, you can change gadgets anytime if one of them does not work for you.

With some gadgets and abilities, you will be able to conquer stages containing four stages per country.
Three stages are smaller cities where you will need to destroy certain objectives, like bombers, tanks and bases.
The bigger one is the capital, that you need to do a certain amount of damage before completely leveling the city.

The capital ones will give you more challenges as the general will throw everything at you in terms of resources so that you will need firepower in these stages.

In addition, just focus on powering up PowerCores and getting them repaired then step forward to move your Repair Drones around to cover both front and rear units.

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