Complete Missions in Anti Terror Shooter on Android

How to accomplish level of each mission in anti terror shooter game
Try to use machine gun to shoot enemy in short range and use G36c gun as an option for short range battle and use pistol M9 as a backup

Anti Terror Shooter

Always hide when reloading the gun as it will take time
Use M24 sniper gun to shoot enemy in long range and make sure to headshot to get high score
Always check your health, when come to zero, you lose.

Read the instruction and learn more about your weapons
Adding a analog on the screen for aiming and a button for shooting.

Tap to aim then shoot the target to
Check modify/delete USB storage contents modify/delete SD card contents
Read phone state identity and display system-level alerts

This game is better than most shooter games on the market with 5 levels displayed a little sluggish great graphics with four kind of selected weapons offered

Now the war has begun, your are surrounded by your enemies.
So save you self from their attack and them off. You play as an elite sniper so use your gun to shoot down all enemies in various fighting areas and try to survive in the gun battle area

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