Money Cheats in Cartoon Wars 2 on Android

Tips to earn gold over 10.000 in cartoon wars 2 game
Go to a level where you can start with your her then complete the hero part
When the actual level starts press pause then give up.

Cartoon Wars 2 iphone

Then when you go to the upgrade screen you have all the exp and gold you got on the hero level.
So you can keep repeating this method.

At least you are in level 5 to acquire Gold on base
Now start by summoning low level troops first, like rock archers or 10 mana swordman
Summon High HP Troops like heavy swordman or ninja, and dull archers on back

In order to get unlimited money and hero xp is there will be a segment at the very start of some levels where you fend off some enemies using your hero.

After you beat or you lose that segment, pause and select give up and you will keep all the money/xp/sp that you earned during that part.

Try to complete all 6 acts in cartoon wars 2 game
In order to beat stage 4 level 5 on cartoon is by trying to get the drill aircraft 30,000 gold 1,000 mana.
Combining skill and upgrading weapons will complete all six acts in cartoon wars 2 heroes.
Buy different warriors in the upgrade option and select skill at the top of the screen.

Upgrade skill, Base, Air, and Land by tapping on the appropriate tab at the top of the screen and then by selecting the green upgrade button at the bottom of the screen.

The enemy is constantly trying to attack your castle.
So in order to survive in this game get hurry to send out troops and use power-ups to keep the enemies away.

Remember your creativity and quickness is the only strategy to beat each battle.
Always getting alert if you are slow on sending out troops and firing the ammo, the enemy will close in and destroy your castle.
Remember to turn off your crossbow before friendly fire rains down arrows on your soldiers.

You can earn Mana faster by spending large amounts upgrading your Mana Booster statue mid-battle, though this can leave you short-handed on the battlefield while your points build up enough.

A stronger tower and faster crossbow are helpful, but spending gold on leveling-up your troops gives you more immediate chance of victory.

Upgrade gold skill as soon as possible. The early levels are easy enough to allow you the buffer to not have to spend on your troops or tower until after your collections get maximal

Get your ninja to veteran, only 30 mana to summon
Always vet ninjas alone to get level 25 which is more than enough time to upgrade everything else such as upgrading Gold, Mana refresh speed, maximizing mana.

Arrows are a good thing to upgrade as well considering they are free to use and can weaken opponent army a lot while you send in minimum “Troops” And build mana like a boss

Start a level that requires your hero to destroy special forces or something.
After accomplishing that part press the pause button and quit the game.
Now you should still have the money and hero xp as you have earned in the previous levels.

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