Gold Pumpkins Candy Cheats Cookie Clickers Halloween Edition Android

When playing cookie clickers game, you can use all of your fingers to tap cookies walking on the screen and you must also get as much cookies as possible.

cookie clickers halloween edition tips

Furthermore, in the way of making a bunch of cookies, you will just click the big cookie as quickly as possible whereby it will earn you a lot of cookies.
After gathering enough cookies, you can use them to buy power ups that you can use to earn more cookies for the next stages

Meanwhile, using multiple fingers when tapping cookies will give you cookies as quickly as possible.
Tapping using two fingers will always miss some of them but you can even tap with four fingers so that you can end up earning massive amounts of cookies, plus improving the multiplier quite a bit.
Do it quickly to tap those cookies as this will increase your cookie total massively.

Using the power click power-up will massively multiply the amount of cookies that you can earn at a time.
Moreover, having the permanent multipliers on your cookies will make it far easier to earn more
That is why you can automate your cookie production for further stage.

In the way of increasing your cookies, doing an upgrade to the power clicks will add a 2 times multiplier, then another upgrade will add 4 times, then 8 times, then 16 times, then 32 times, and so on.

Having for more cookies will be your mainly goal so that you can try another method to double your cookies in this game

Just go to your iPhone settings and go to general, then set the auto-lock to off if you want to be able to collect automatic cookies for even more.

Note that you have to do this after you have enough power ups to actually make it matter.
Then set your phone down with the game on active in order to keep collecting cookies infinitely.

Besides, keep an eye of the super cookies to fall down from the top of the screen every so often as they will fall extremely quickly, and they are like gold cookies.
When seeing this, simply tap them to collect a huge cookie award.

Switching this game into seasonal mode, such as Halloween or Christmas will give you cookies in form of candy or pumpkins

In accordance with this, jut tap on the flap in the upper right corner of the screen so that the falling cookies will turn into candy, spiders and other fun things
Except those things, the big cookie will also turn into a pumpkin in halloween edition.

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