Money Cheats Cosmic Colony Android

When playing cosmic colony game, you can get coins from the numerous businesses you will build
Try to complete missions, harvest meteorites, and explore your surroundings in order to get more coins as the premium currency.

Cosmic Colony

Just use your premium currency in your futuristic purse to buy additional buildings, expansions, decorations, and other similar items including to speed up the production of your buildings.
To get more cash try to take advantage of in-game offers in Tapjoy.

Just do a little trick to get free cash on cosmic colony
Remember before going to Gameloft’s new explore-’em-up try to fire up the web browser on your iPhone, iPad, or Android-powered device then take a little tour to Tapjoy’s glorious wall of offers in order to download all of the free apps and install and run them once.

After doing so you will automatically get a bunch of free Cash when going back to Cosmic Colony game. Afterward you can uninstall the app you have just installed
Try to do the following actions to get more resources such as Energy, Crafted Items, Mood, and Population

Energy is definitely needed to construct buildings, collect revenue from them, and complete various other tasks.
So just complete every mission to level-up so that you energy maximum will increase everytime.

Try to get Crafted Items from factories and use them to complete the construction of businesses
Always remember as Mood will take much role in how many coins you earn from your various retail outlets; and Population, in which it affects the size of your workforce.

Try to get xp point through completing your day-to-day duties so that you can level-up your colony and gain access to new buildings and territory.
Tap on the more residential buildings frequently to earn XP and Mood so that you will have the bigger population and the more workers at your disposal.

When you want to expand your colony all you have to do is to purchase pieces of land with buildings, artifacts, and other points of interest. Also notice that expansions will get so expensive so it will be important to unlock the planet’s most beneficial areas at first.

Try to place space-age decorations next to your buildings in order to boost their profits which will make your colony look nice as well
Try to connect your Facebook and Gameloft Live buddies to come along for the ride then you can visit their colony daily and help them collect revenue from their buildings to earn Energy and Reputation rewards.

To get valuable resources just try to construct a Launch Pad in order to launch exploration missions into space.
Remember to get your mitts on rare items and buildings if you manage to find three rare artifacts from the planets you take a tour.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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