Crystals Gold Coins Cheats Team Awesome Android

If you like playing team awesome game, you can get more free coins while flying to complete some objectives in this game
As being a high-flying super hero, you will have main missions to stop car thieves, toxic waste dumpers, and hover-boarders.

Team Awesome guides

Instead of flying through the same environments over and over, you may fly through a city at night, or a toxic waste factory, each with their own objectives to complete.
Therefore you will earn some gold coins by accomplishing those objectives one by one

While controlling of the blonde dynamo and the cohorts, you can tap to jump and hold down to fly higher
Along the way you will be collecting coins, powerups, and blue crystals to keep you running faster, with red crystals proving to be the hero’s downfall.

You will encounter enemies during flying such as aliens, robots, giant toxic spiders cats, a crazy dentist, trucks, etc
In addition there will be 4 Super-villains to defeat in an epic battle mission
So upgrading some power ups will help you to do your job much easier

There will be 6 upgradeable power-ups that you can do with coins so it will increase your ability to accomplish the next missions and some objectives
On the other side you can also unlock 4 awesome heroes, each with their own special ability and back-story

You can combine objects for multi-stage missions, such as smash bank robbers and return the money to the bank in which you can also find hidden surprises
You will also see and collect a lot of shiny gold coins during running and flying to rescue other characters and to do any jobs to make everyone happy

Because the Awesome meter drains so quickly, the game will be too often a quest to stay religiously on the path of the blue crystals, because missing one or two can spell doom.

Perhaps it will be better if the meter drain slowly, then drain faster with things like hitting walls or red crystals
In addition the rapidly-decreasing meter will be getting to reach great heights in discouragement because of staying on the path with blue crystals.

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