Extra Coins Cheats in Dafox for on Android

In dafox game, you have to get extra coins that you can use to unlock more power ups in this game
Here, coins will also be scattered in strings along the track.

dafox tips

In the way of collecting those is pretty easy as you simply jump to collect them all
Thus, keep collecting them more to purchase power ups and some upgrades.

On the other side, during the game, you get a jump button on the left, and a sliding kick button on the right while holding down the jump button to get higher-up so that you can clear taller trees.
Moreover, combining jump and attack together will deliver a diving kick addressed to an enemy waiting for you on every stage.

Using the 2nd Luck power-up will increase a heart to your life bar so that you can level up throughout stages without running out of health.

Having the Shield power-up will give you with an extra hit, so you can run through an enemy or an obstacle without taking a dent to your health.

Similarly, if you want to rack up more coins in this game, using slow power-up will give you more time to collect coins and prepare for enemies.
Even though it only lasts for a few seconds, but you will be given more time to make your next move that will come to coins to gather.

In line with this, you will have all the time once this power is activated for the completion of the stage in this game.

Furthermore, the Squirrel and Fish power-ups will provide you very temporary assistance in keeping Dafox’s run going
This power up that is the Squirrel acting as a guide on land and the Fish allowing you to avoid falls in the water while being in the struggle of accomplishing every objective on a stage.

The upgrade bonus in this game will enable you to add a spot to your upgrade bar without having to spend in-game coins.
So you have to consider how many coins you get your hands on in each stage to come to that bonus upgrade.

In addition, you will often meet gaps when completing tasks on every stage
For such reasons, all you have to do is simply to keep your finger on the jump button and hit it as soon as possible after you land, so that you can jump again.
If you can perform this well, you will be able to jump across the gaps easily

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