Bonus Resources Cheats Demonrock War of Ages Android

Crescent Moon has demonrock war of ages where you will be a war hero, and you must bring order and unity to your nation.
This game is a city management game where you can construct a reputable city and fight off other lords who try to go against you.

demonrock war of ages tips

To start your journey, all you will do is to follow the quests by tapping the big exclamation mark button at the top right.
Later on, these quests will get you to take down the main progression line so you should always be working towards them and these quests will come to really good rewards as well

You have four construction queues namely building, train, tech, and wilds.
Building queues are activate whenever you construct a new building or upgrade an existing one.
Then, training queues activate when you are recruiting new troops.

Tech queues also activate when you are researching new tech upgrades.
And you should always have something running in each category to make sure your city is as efficient as possible.
In accordance with this, just try to do the main quests and keep your buildings upgraded so that you will be the best Lord in this game

Your Town Hall in this game is your center of operations in which it is very important to keep it upgraded as each upgrade speeds up overall construction speed, so that you get your buildings to be upgraded faster.

Furthermore, you will also need the Town Hall to be the same level as the kind of building you want to upgrade
In line with this, if your Town Hall is only level 2, you will not be able to upgrade any of your buildings past level 2.

Besides town hall, you will also have to upgrade your Warehouse and you will need resources to upgrade it to the next level
Here, you will probably be somewhere in the 10k range for all of your resources.

And the costs for building and recruiting new troops starts low, but before you know it, you will spend those resources like nothing.
So be sure to keep your warehouse upgraded so that your maximum storage capacity will level up.

Your free rewards are in four button at the top left and also in the chest which will give you full of random resources and goodies, and you can open it every half hour.
For such reasons, just log in for seven days regularly in order to open a chest each day, with the rewards getting progressively better.

The star is also your daily quests in which tapping it will bring up a list of daily things for you to do, with each one rewarding you with points.
So if you have more points, you will get to higher daily rank, and the rewards will be better

Before you can start fighting the enemy forces, you must recruit troops.
You can do this by building a barracks, which requires a level 2 Academy to build.

In the barracks, you can recruit all sorts of troops and artillery.
At the same time, you can also check how much food and space a unit needs before you recruit them, so be sure your resources can handle it.
In the way of recruiting the better troops, try to keep upgrading your barracks and academy.

In The Academy, you can hold many tech research options in which these tech upgrades are passive upgrades to your troops, and they are categorized as a different building queue option so they wil not take up your building slots

Also try to do a research as much as you can and you can start from the Scouting option, which increases the chances of your scouts reporting back with useful information.
Doing so will give you some bonuses like armor upgrades, attack upgrades, and soon.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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