Clues Cheats Detective Grimoire on Android

Detective Grimoire is a apoint-and-click mystery adventure game, you will play as Detective Grimoire who is assigned to solve a murder in a remote tourist attraction by exploring the swamp, discovering clues, and interrogating suspects in order to get the detail of each objective.
Playing detective grimoire game will assign you to explore every area to find clues that will help you discover the mystery

detective grimoire tips

While exploring the environment, you will be either in environmental scenes or in conversations with characters in every scene where you can do a variety of things like clicking anything to examine or interact with the person that you clicked on.

You will go to handle with the mystery in which you will get connected to the case file containing three types of evidence namely Suspects, Clues, and Notes.

In line with this, every time you figure out any clue the main case file menu will tell your completion percentage for each type of evidence
Meanwhile, it will let you know your overall Case File completion, like “Challenge Topics” that you have completed, and a hint which guide you on what to do or where to go next.

On the other side, when working on the case file, you will take a look around the area while meeting and talking to a new person then you can add them to the Suspects menu.

Once talking to them, you must learn more information about them to get the details on their personal pages, then review them at any time by clicking on their profile card.
Every suspect will come to eight pieces of information that can be learned or discovered about them which you can use as clues.

In the way of finding out the clues, you simply find a suspicious or important object, then add them to your Clues menu.
When exploring area, try to click on a clue so that you will be provided with a larger—or additional images of it, as well as the information attached to the object.
Note that some clues are sometimes needed to be uncovered by examining the item at first, or after finding a clarifying item or speaking to a suspect.

Playing this mystery game will come to specific items or objects that you have to note
For such reasons, in the notes section, you will be informed about the information you have discovered about a specific location on the map.

And those notes can be collected by clicking around the scene in question mark.
Therefore, you have to find all three Notes for the “Entrance,” and find three important areas within the scene to figure out what to be as the clues.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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