Keys Coins Cheats Devious Dungeon Android

In devious dungeon game, you will take a role as a warrior sent by the king to slash and bash your way through a bunch of dungeons while finding key and collecting coins.
And, you must clear each stage, find the key, find the exit, bring them together, and gather coins in each stage.

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In the way of racking up coins in this game, all you have to do is to fight against various monsters and baddies, and smash their faces to get the coins come out.
Once gathering them, you can purchase new equipment that will make you stronger, which also facilitates the whole slashing and bashing mentioned at the start.

Before starting your actions, you have to find a key to unlock a portal at the end of each stage, so that you can move on to the next one while trying to beat any enemies with three or four good hits and destroy items for bonus coins, such as candlesticks, chests and statues.

Meanwhile, in order to find the key, you can check every nook and cranny of the randomly generated levels, in which the key is usually located around the middle, though you may need to defeat an enemy guarding that key.

If you defeat enemies, you will notice a green bar begins to fill at the top of the screen.
So if it fills completely, your hero will level up in one of three areas including in strength, stamina and dexterity.

With strength, you will have extra power to hit enemies.
And your dexterity, you will get more chances of delivering critical hits, so make sure you balance between these two.

On the other side, stamina will increase your life overall, and make sure you use it wisely.
However, if you run low on health, you have to kill a few enemies to refill it so that your life bar goes back to maximum strength each time you level up.

After collecting extra coins throughout the stages, you will be able to visit the shop to buy six different items for making your hero stronger for even more.

Equip your hero with weapons that will give you a stronger sword or club to use against enemies.
Protect your hero with armor as it will make your hero take extra damage, so his life bar will remain full at a time.

Moreover, you can also increase your strength with potions, as they will decrease an enemy’s strength and other abilities, which unlock as you level up.
Equipping your hero with rings and amulets will allow you to increase abilities in certain areas without leveling up, such as strength or dexterity.

When fighting against shielded goblins, make sure you keep an eye on a sword attack, as you will risk taking damage if you ignore their attack.
To dealt with this, just wait for them to swing, then go back and finish them off with your sword.

If you deal with the arrow-shooting skeletons, try to avoid their projectiles and move in for the kill.
Besides, stay alert of fire breathers, as they will attack you from above.
So get up to their level and finish them off first as quick as possible.

In addition, when dealing with bosses in this game, you may have to learn their attack patterns, in that you should also dodge their attacks while waiting for exact moments when they leave themselves vulnerable then strike back for every hit with your power.

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