High Score Cheats Dextris on Android

When playing dextris game, try not to look at your squares whereby if you look at your squares or the base of the screen, you will not be going for any further
It is caused by you will not have enough time to react when the pace increases a lot, after 50 points.

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Make sure to keep your eyes at the top of the screen and tap the screen according to the spikes that you see there.
Anyway, when you have to go through the middle, you will not have to tap the display, but until you get to such an obstacle, always have one finger pressing the display.

Doing this will make the transition from one part to the other, or to split the squares in two.
Moreover, you will be able to move fast from one tap to another and never give yourself any breaks
Remember that any wrong move will bring you the Game over screen that will come to start again.

Every time you try to beat your previous high score, you will tend to get a little bit excited and that is when you lose focus on the game.
For such reasons, you must try to stay calm at all times and so that you will get a lot further.
Keeping your mind fresh will also help you go through some obstacles in this game

Therefore, after playing this game for couple minutes, you need to rest for a while in that you can do wonders to your skill levels so that you can beat your previous high score and focus on the game that will come to get to the top of the leaderboards.

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