Diamonds Cheats in Retired Wizard Story on Android

Tips to get back sheep in retired wizard story game
Go to tap the Get in diamond picture button on the weapons upgrade screen then tap the daily gift button of 100 free diamonds bonus.

Retired Wizard Story

Try to upgrade your main attack, the Fire Bomb, as high as you can in order to make it do far, far more damage.

Try to unlock the Blaze and Inferno spells considered as the secondary magic and special magic, then save these after the point of danger if at all possible to avoid draining your mana quickly.

If you run out of mana, start using the Fire Bomb again
Prioritize your time effectively because the sheep begin coming fast and furiously starting during in the game.

Always knock out the fast sheep first or the warping sheep
Always knock out the heavily armored sheep, and then the standard normal sheep last.

Put on your robe and wizard hat
Put some of that old magic to work

Use your magic spells to tame sheep again.
Use diamonds to buy new attacks and upgrade your pre-existing attacks
Using spells and items, stop enchanted sheep from escaping.

Normal magic contributes damage by touching the target.
Continuous magic contributes damage by touching and holding the target.

Special magic contributes damage to all enemies for a period of time.
Mana potions, Power-up items, and Freeze items are permanent to use.
A mana potion refill regenerates your mana by 50% of full mana.
A power-up item strengthen the magic power of all spells for a period of time.
A freeze item will guide to get all enemies frozen for a period of time.

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