Gold Cash Cheats Dino Hunter Deadly Shores on Android

Playing in dino hunter deadly shores will get you to accomplish each given objective successfully to earn either money or gold as your reward
Here, you must complete all kinds of dino hunting missions in which you will be given with various weapons ranging from rifles and assault weapons to rocket launchers and many more advanced weapons.

dino hunter deadly shores tips

Furthermore, your goal in each stage is to shoot a specific body part of a dinosaur
In the mean time, you will be able to minimize the amount of battery life that your infrared uses, so you can increase your zoom as much as possible before taking these levels on.

Then, when being in the level, just tap the infrared, while looking for the required body part such as head, lung, etc, then shut the infrared off and take the shot at that the required body.

Anyway, you will deal with boss levels that can be extremely difficult due to the amount of shots required before they attack you.
At this point, you have to upgrade your weapons in this level, so that you can fire shots at boss far more quickly.

Having better and upgraded weapons will really help you when you have to kill multiple medium-sized dinosaurs, at the same time.
When your goal is to kill multiple small dinosaurs, especially birds, you will need the assault rifle or some kind of explosive weapon.
In line with this, try to aim at the closest ones first such as aiming at their general area, not at any specific body part then unload on them.

Once having some cash, try to only purchase the upgrades that you really need, rather than upgrading everything to the maximum level.
Doing so will make it easier to save up cash until the next region, and when the next region comes up, you can upgrade immediately and make the initial rounds far easier to beat.

Furthermore, you can try to master a unique challenge series and progress through varied hunting series to win rifles, shotguns and assault rifles.
All you have to do is to complete them all for even greater rewards

On the other side, in order to get to the next region, you will need to find all of the map pieces in which these will not appear in the contract hunts, the exotic series, or any other auxiliary stages.

These map pieces will only appear in the main series hunts and in the boss hunts, so as much as possible, you should concentrate on those hunts if you want to make it to the next region.
Afterwards, you can move on and finish the other hunts later to earn extra cash and gold quickly.

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