Move Lives Cheats Disco Bees Android

Playing disco bees game will get you to match some bees in a row to make a great scores and combos
Here, you simply match three or more bees in a row in which matching four or more, or getting groups together will unlock special characters with different effects.

disco bees tips

On the other words, you will have a playfield filled with bees that you can match together in rows or columns, in groups of three or more.
On the other side, getting more of them will unlock additional characters that you can use to eliminate pieces, such as ninjas who clear away rows of bees after being activated and fighters who take out all surrounding pieces with a quick punch.

You will go to the first levels which are very easy, then the other ones will become more complex, as you have to remove patches of honey from the playfield or reach a minimum score.

Each round in this game has up to three stars you can earn, depending on the overall score you can get.
So if yo get more stars, you will unlock more bonus levels – including a special zombie bee round.

Power-up characters unlock when you get four or more bees lined up together, or special formations, such as a hexagon or a grouping.
According to this circumstance, you can try to get the ninjas first.

Ninjas will manage to carve entire rows from the playfield, in that it will be depending on which way their swords are pointed.
Therefore, you must keep an eye on this, as it can help multiply your score and clear away patches of honey before you run out of turns.

In addition, you will have to try and match special characters together.
So if they come into contact with each other after activation, you can send both of them together.
And if two of the same type are together, you will be able to clear away an even bigger patch though.

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