Time Crystals Cheats Doctor Who Legacy on Android

When playing doctor who legacy game, be sure to make some matches with every tile you drag on the board
Here, you will play as fifty years of Doctor Who with his bravest companions that will help you face his most dangerous foes from Daleks, Weeping Angels and The Silence to Headless Monks, Peg Dolls and Spoonheads throughout the game.

doctor who legacy tips

For further movement, you will team up with your favorite Doctor and build a team of your favorite companions and allies including Clara, Rory, Amy, River, and much more.

In line with this, you will be assigned to match three combat that can fairly quickly go from easy to challenging mode.
Meanwhile, you will play in episodes from seasons 7 and 6 with new characters including K9 and Sarah Jane

When being in the battle, you can drag a tile wherever you want on the board to make huge matches.
Moreover, during your attempt to make huge matches, try to make multiple matches in one turn with nine-tile matches.

Try to keep doing so in order to make bigger combo bonus that will be 10% damage or healing for every match that you make.

To attack the enemy, you can target one enemy at a time anyways, in order to minimize the amount of damage that you will take from whichever attack is coming up next.

Note that, every enemy will broadcast their intentions with a word popping up by their health bar in which Destroy or Attack will signify damage coming, while Distort will intend to change the color of one of your tiles, or Mine will come to steal your tiles.

To get back up in this game, you can add members to your team by finding them by playing rounds, or by spending time crystals.

Along the game, you will meet time crystals and new companions that will pop up randomly, whether you are playing a new episode or an old episode
Thus, if you are missing on a particular stage, you can go back to old stages then play them again while gathering crystals and any companion.

On the other side, just play them as well for time fragment pieces whereby you can use them to upgrade your Doctors and your companions.

Furthermore, when your companions get experience, they will be stronger until they hit an upgrade wall
When going to this phase, it will be better to evolve them using the right amount of the time fragments.

In addition, every companion will earn stat points that is one for every experience level that they get. So after earning those stat points, you can apply them wherever you see fit such as attack, hit points or heal, in that it will indeed help you win the match.

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