Fast Steps Cheats Don`t Step The White Tile for Android

Playing don`t step the white tile game will take you to cross the black and white tiles as quickly as possible with your available shoes.

dont step the white tile tips

Furthermore, you have to cross tiles on the screen within fifty steps as quickly as possible whereby a time under fifteen seconds will be a good and a time under ten seconds will be amazing.

On the other words, you have to make as many quick steps as you can across three different modes.
However, you have to notice that you will be allowed to step only on black tiles on the board
And, if you step on any white ones, a huge shoe-eating shark pops out of the water to finish your run.

Taking part to play in this game will bring you in time attack, longrun and sudden stop mode
In time attack mode, it measures how quickly you can complete 50 steps in a row.

In the beginning of the game, you will on a yellow grid and try getting through the tiles as quickly as you can before coming across the second yellow grid.
But if you make any mistake anywhere in between, your run is over and you will be brought to go back to the start again.

When you play in longrun mode, you have to go as quick as you can within ten seconds in that you will be tested how far you can go in approximately 11 seconds’ time.

Later on, if you can manage to make it to 50 steps within this time frame, your time will be given an additional 10 seconds to keep going to the next level.

Then, every fifty steps you have made will add another ten seconds, so that you will be allowed to go for an unlimited amount of time by making steps based on a specific amount.

On the other side, you can try playing in sudden stop mode where you can go as many steps as possible in ten seconds time frame, but you have to stop before the time is up.

In description, after the time counts down to five seconds, it will disappear from the screen
According to this, your main job is to stop right when the clock goes to zero which you will not be able to see.

During in this mode, you can try to get in as many steps as you can while counting down from five, and when you get to one, slow down a bit or the shark will appear as a sign to hold your steps.

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