Crystal Cheats Doodle Kingdom on Android

Doodle Kingdom is a new combination puzzle game, there is a whole new world of potential combinations where you have to combine two elements to create something new in the realm of knights, magicians, elves, and dragons

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In description, you start with a human, add in some lumber, and you are given a hut, then two huts will make a village.
Later on this game, the new theme as dwarves, medieval weapons, and magical powers will introduce all new categories of elements.

And you simply tap a category on the left side of the screen, then tap one of the appearing elements.
Afterwards, just do the same for the right side and the game will attempt to combine the two for having a new element

Furthermore, you will build a civilization through these combinations, including weapons, warriors, and trades with the crystal, as the currency of this game.

Once making progresses in the game, you can unlock three separate quests through the main chapter, called Genesis in which every chapter will contain specific goals, including the resurrection of a ruined kingdom and the hatching and breeding of specialized dragons.

On the other side, each combination creates a new possible reaction, as well as finding which two elements combine to make specific items.
There are 116 elements in total to discover across 13 main categories, and as a special addition with three offshoot quests.

And you can also open up your own series of combinations as you find different dragon types, unique dark magic items, and the elements of a kingdom like castle and necromancer.

Besides matching up of compatible elements by tapping on their pictures, a brand new game mode known as My Hero which provides an endless runner of sorts with a combat style set-up and engage you in the story-driven Quest mode or command your own Hero as he charges headlong into goblins and other mystical foes.

Your hero runs automatically, and with your command he faces a series of enemies, including bosses, as a nice change of pace game mode and the new game mode as well as the three additional combination quests.
In line with this, you even get to raise dragons, complete quests and engage in combat sequences

During your quest, you will be rewarded with gems that can be spent on hints and unlockable features with over 115 elements to discover divided between 13 unique groups.

In addition, each powerup you have purchased with those crystals will only last 24 hours, whereby you have to accomplish more quest in order to earn more crystals as a daily award.

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