Photo Album Organizer Application for Android

Photo Album Organizer will copy selected pictures on your phone into a new photo album that you create. It also organizes your photos for better viewing.

Photo Album Organizer

Picture album Manager will certainly duplicate determined pictures on your cell phone right into a brand-new picture album that you simply create. The item produces rapid collections on your cell phone with regard to greater watching. Your own photograph collections can be bought in outside photograph watching applications similar to Gallery.

Build, edit, erase your own photograph collections.

Whenever Picture album leader makes an recording it will create a identical snapshot on your cell phone by duplicating your determined pictures to the brand-new recording, just one initial the other brand-new recording duplicate. Picture album Manager solely deals with your recording copies whenever updating/deleting collections!

Picture album leader certainly not deletes the initial copies to protect your own pictures.

Suggestion – “Thumbnail definitely not found” announcements:
Each and every recording will keep the reference to the initial snapshot with regard to revise requirements. If you erase the initial snapshot this may present the “Thumbnail definitely not found” concept. To mend this specific just revise your own recording and yes it will certainly repair your lost thumbnail icon.

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