More Lives Moves Cheats Dragon Academy Android

When playing dragon academy game, you will simply match more colored gems to have more dragon`s eggs
To do this, you will just match three or four of the same colored gems to score combos.

dragon academy tips

Matching three same-colored gems will clear out an entire vertical or horizontal line of gems but matching four same-colored gems will score you a striped dragon egg.

And the dragon egg must be swapped to create another match and mixing several striped dragon eggs will give you a rainbow dragon egg to be used to clear a good portion of the board.

Thus all you have to do in this game is to tap and drag gems to swap with others on the board in order to get them matched to make high score
Furthermore, you can match gems vertically, horizontally, and in L-shaped formations.

Some stages will prompt you to complete specific objectives, such as clearing out tiles that are covered in “goo” whereby you have to get those tiles cleared out before you continue to the next stage.

Moreover, your score will determine your progress as you will be assigned a 1 to 3-star ranking for each stage, allocating different amounts of experience points.

One thing you have to think of is your lives because every time you restart, you use up a life.
And when you are out of lives, you can get them regenerated by just waiting for it, or you can ask your friends via Facebook or social networking to send you additional lives.

When you get stuck in the middle of the stage, you can try the power-ups allocated to you each level.
In line with this, you can use Runic Hammers to destroy any tile at one time.
And The Rainbow Wand power ups can turn any egg into a striped egg.

Remember that you only have a limited number of moves you can make before it is game over so that you will have to make the best out of the gems you have and get the most you can from each swap.

This game offers six dragons with their own unique abilities including Melty the acid, Emma the poison and Shimmer the sonic boom, Frosty the snowstorm, Thunderlina the lightning and Pokey the fire.

Melty, as the iconic purple dragon and grilled cheese sandwiches will use his acid breath that will melt all tiles in one or two or three columns on his level for some of more objective-oriented puzzles.

Shimmer is the sonic wave dragon that will choose tiles randomly and cause a sonic boom that totally rearranges the board and gets stronger as she levels up.

And Thunderlina, the blue dragon and the batteries is the lightning dragon to command lightning during on the stage.

Pokey is the red dragon and brisket from Franklin in downtown Austin.
Emma is the green dragon with salads and emeralds one.
Frosty is the silver dragon with ice cream.
Shimmer is the gold dragon with dandelions.

All of those dragons consume mystic runes, that can be produced when you break gems within the game spreading across 13 worlds with more than 150 levels

As making every progress, you can unlock new challenges and power-ups while getting more experience for your dragons to grow bigger and unlock new abilities as well.

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