Gems Cheats Dragon Mania on Android

If you are playing dragon mania game, you must try to gather some coins and free gems that you can use to purchase dragon eggs that you can hatch to be your new army

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This game will task you to take your elemental dragons into combat battling with the evil Vikings while gathering coins and gems that you will need to build dragon`s army

Gems in this game take a role as a mean to speed things up by eliminating wait times.
Meanwhile, coins are mainly used to purchase new buildings, upgrade existing ones, buy dragon eggs, embark on battles, etc.

The main point of this game is all about raising, feeding, and growing dragons, then carrying them into battle against the evil Vikings.

For such reasons, you can do this by curating your village to hold habitats, then purchasing dragon eggs to hatch and care for having new squad in your army.

In line with this, you will be allowed to collect rent from these buildings and use the money to upgrade them to hold more troops
On the other side, pay attention in food stores, whereby baby dragons will extremely need lots of chow to grow up to be big and strong.

Quests available on this game will range from simple tasks like “build this structure,” to more complicated missions that will take days to complete in which it will be a handful of other buildings to help support your army.

One of the quests is breeding dens that will allow you to make new dragons in the old fashioned way, while things like banners and wishing wells are purely for show.

Throughout the game, you will spend most of your time to focus on feeding your army in any other ways.
According to this, this game provide you 50 different dragons to raise in that you will have your hands full without worrying about planting fruit trees.

You will meet a horde of the evil Vikings that will be your top priority to be defeated in order to survive the population of your dragon

When sending your dragon army into combat zone, all you will have to do is simply to tap the paw icon to start a set of arrows moving along a vertical bar.

When getting into this action, just tap the paw to stop the moving arrows, making it come to rest at green or yellow for the best attack.

During the battlefield, you will fight against enemies whereby you will be tested to control which dragon you are facing so that your attack will deal a different amount of damage if you direct your dragon with specific moves while delivering attacks with their natural weapons.

In addition, try to consider when setting of logical elemental rules in place in that using fire attack will be much more effective against ice.

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