Crystals Food Cheats Dragons World on Android

Playing dragons world game will get you to grow your dragons then fly to combat while gathering gold coins and crystals
Here, you can hatch, breed and raise dragons, then give them food so that they can grow from little baby dragons into the most powerful dragons, while collecting gold and crystals along the way.

dragons world tips

In the way of collecting coins, you have to maximize the amount of dragon habitats that you have then pick habitats that hold high numbers of maximum coins, such as the earth habitat and the water habitat.
And, whenever you sleep, collect the coins, so that you will earn a bunch of them in the morning.

Completing an entire tier of battle in the battle area will earn you rewards in which getting tier 1 completed will earn you three free crystals.
So the higher the tier that you complete, the more crystals that you will earn as a bonus.
Therefore, just keep using food to level up your dragons and then fight for the victory in battle.

In order to collect free crystals, simply logging in the game daily, as you will get free gold and free crystals as rewards.
Besides, completing the quests will provide you free gold and free crystals.
So check the quests menu to see what rewards each particular quest such as logging onto Facebook and adding more friends in the game.

With those crystals, you can use them to buy premium decorations, execute super attacks in the battle area, and even purchase premium hybrid dragons as well.

According to this, you will be able to maximize your gold by optimizing your mix of dragon habitats.
For such reasons, you can load up on the habitats that earn you the most maximum gold, such as the earth habitats, then fill them up with dragons in that hybrids will earn you more gold per hour.

Leveling up the dragons will also earn you more gold per hour so you must maximize the total of habitats that you have.
Thus, the higher your experience level, the more habitats that you can have at the same time.
Once having so much gold, you can use them to purchase all of the basic goods that you need in the game.

To power up your dragons, you definitely need many greenhouses so that you can grow as much food as possible to feed up your dragons.
Doing so will put your dragons in higher level, so that they will come to more powerful in battle, whereby you will also earn more coins from them.

In addition, you can also do an experiment to get new dragon type by breeding rare dragons where it will be fairly easy to get a dragon of two types to the other types.
And, try to crossbreed two hybrid dragons into a three or four type dragon successfully.

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