Gems Cheats Dragonwood Academy A Game of Stones on Android

In Dragonwood Academy A Game of Stones game, you will have to accomplish the main goal that is to become the ruler of the school, battling schoolyard rivals and competing for bragging rights against others.

dragonwood academy a game of stones tips

Early on this game, you will be introduced to the “Game of Stones,” a student pastime that sees users collecting character cards, or stones, which each will feature separate abilities, like spells, and attack powers.

The combat will start when players have a set of three “stones” that have health and attack ratings, each stone attacking in order against an enemy with three stones that go in a set order.

During each one-on-one battle, stones attack one another automatically, until all units of a single team have been defeated and you will go on to the next round.
At this point, you will use both offensive attacks and healing, in that the are depending on the stones active in battle.

Later on, you will get chests after each win that contain trinkets, and when ten trinkets are collected, they give you a new stone of that trinket’s rarity.

After each battle, stones receive experience points, and can eventually evolve into stronger units.
And you can also collect treasure chests as they play, which may contain trinkets.
Collect enough trinkets, that you can turn in for a new stone.

In each battle, your goal is to extend your winning streak as long as possible
In line with this, you will likely spend a few stones just on healing your cards.
According to this, you can heal your cards before a battle begins in which you can also revive the cards that have already been taken out
Meanwhile, you can revive all of your cards immediately after you lose a battle.

Do one, then the other, then the other, before you do any of them a second time, because in doing this, you will only spend 1 stone apiece in that you will spend three stones for three healing times for your cards.
The best order is to do heal, then revive, then revive again in battle.

When your team is ready for a battle, you can start editing your team once you earn new cards in order to make sure that the most powerful cards are playing at all times.

In the mean time, try to put your card with the highest health in front in order to soak up hits, and put the cards with the highest attack power at either side of the playing screen so that they can launch nasty attacks on enemies.

In order to get more stones for free, just open chests after the battles are done as you will get stones, plus various forms of trinkets, anywhere from the common Opal Rabbit to the super rare Amethyst Dragon.

On the other side, you have to build a full collection of trinkets in order to get extremely rare cards easily
And, if you are trying to collect stones, try not to use any healing powers and forget about the streaks for awhile.
Just grind for stones and treasure.

While free-to-play, you will spend the premium currency, that is gems to instantly increase the health or attack stats of their stones.
You can also purchase premium stone packs, which may include stronger, or at least rare units for their team.
You can also spend gems on more chests, and on boosts, healing, and continues.

In accordance with this, you can get gems through iap store in which you simply go to the in app purchase store and look for the free gems button.
Tap it and you will be given offers to download and install and run apps in exchange for gems.
All of these apps are free, and you will not be asked to give your info, so you can use of this media in order to load up on gems.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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