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When playing drive mania street outlaw game, you must make a good drift so that you can finish the line in each race

drive mania street outlaw tips

The main core of this game is to pull off tight drifts rather than speeding up the car to finish first.
In line with this, you will have to struggle to steer your car with tilt controls, manage your speed using your right thumb then adjust the hand-brakes with your left one.

On the other words, steering and suspension will be the main key to perform some nice drifts and combos so that you will earn the money and medals from races
With enough money in your deposit, you can unlock upgrades for your car with any speed items as well.

In the way of gaining more points in this game, you should try making sure that all of your drifts occur within the clearly marked zones on the track.

On the other side, you have to make sure finish the race before the time limit expires in order to gather a bunch of points.

According to this, you will need to balance each vehicle with each track to optimize your points gains and you may be able to hold extreme drifts on the track.

Moreover, making a quick drift when approaching the finishing line while without colliding with any buildings will come to pints bonus.

As a result, those extra few thousand points can make the difference between a silver and a gold medal in the long run.

Thus, the more extreme the drift you hold, the more points you will collect.
Just be aware that extreme drifts are much harder to maintain .

In addition, be sure you race as cleanly as possible without crashing as it will lose more points in the long run.

In order to get maximum points is to maintain your combo score.
Therefore, stay on the track as hitting a single object will lose your current combo level and you will also lose points at the end of each race if your vehicle has taken any damage during the race.

And before going for extreme drifts, try to practice each track in which you will master it.
When you are on the way of mastering each track, managing to both initiate and end your slide within specially designated areas of the road will come to bonus points
Therefore, the longer you manage to hold it, the more points you will pick up.

For such reasons, you will be rewarded with a bronze, silver or gold medal at the end of each match depending on how many points you collect from each race

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