Coins Cash Cheats Duck vs Pumpkin on Android

When playing duck vs pumpkin game, just make sure to aim at the duck then go for more shooting to get a lot of coins, the premium currency of this game.

duck vs pumpkin tips

When doing your action, you can make at least 100 or more coins in a stage.
So save and upgrade your gun to increase its ability during shooting session of this game.

Once collecting enough coins, try to purchase the best gun to do more shooting and rewards
As you know, the more shooting means the more coins so that put this point at the top priority

Your job is to protect the pumpkins that are laying on the ground from the ducks that are flying across from both sides of the screen trying to grab the pumpkins.

You will be equipped with gun with unlimited shots, but you have to reload your gun every you make a shot in each stage

So you will have to shoot the ducks and protect the pumpkins until the time reaches zero then you will go on to the next stage.

Choosing your weapon wisely will increase your shooting experience
However, getting those guns will cost coins that you have collected throughout the game

For such reasons, you have to upgrade those guns after getting some coins
On the other side, upgrading your guns will increase your bullet capacity, and it will also increase your guns damage too.

Some ducks on the target will take two or more hits to get them taken down but when you progress further into the game some duck may take three hits.

According to that line, if you meet a duck that takes two or more hits you should try to concentrate on the duck that takes more hits.

And if that duck is low on health it will drop the pumpkin so that it will try again to pick it back up
In line with this, it will also take only one shot to bring that duck down to increase the star and coin as your reward.

All gun in this game only have a certain amount of bullets that they can hold on every stage.
Therefore, if your guns bullets come to last two bullets on the screen, you have to reload them as fast as you can

And even if there will ne no ducks coming when you are still playing the stage, just reload the gun for preparing the duck coming out again.
Then make it short reload when reloading the ammo so that you will always be stand by.

Remember to reload your gun every time you take the duck down as they will appear more often on your phone screen
One thing do not ever miss your shot as the duck will laugh at you for that reason

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