Money Coins Cheats DuckTales Scrooge`s Loot for Android

When playing ducktales scrooge`s loot game, you must collect gems and gold as money to help you complete the missions

ducktales scrooge`s loot tips

The main goal of this game is to help Scrooge McDuck collect gold while fighting against the pesky Beagle Boys at the same time.
According to this, you can complete free offers to collect those currencies

During the play, you need to use gems to buy in-game items, including an instant re-spawn rather than waiting and additional tickets for more matches.

In the way of collecting cash, you can check the free offers page to find a number of promotional deals that will provide a ton of gems for doing something like watching a video.

Playing the single player will learn battle techniques against the A.I., and get the hang of each weapon.
During that mission, you can complete a number of single player missions, spread across four maps.

Memorizing the high points of each map will help you take out enemies from a distance and allow you to be a good team player, defending others as they make their run for the money trucks.

Furthermore, you can take part in multiplayer-style matches, either playing online with friends or playing in Mission Mode on your own, then fighting through four maps while collecting gold bars and dropping them off to Scrooge’s vehicle.

In your journey, you will face enemies, take them down using a variety of non-lethal guns and melee weapons like a plunger gun and tennis racket.

Even though your melee weapon is useful, you can keep moving and hit back enemies with a large variety of weapons with a water cannon or with a barrage of ice cream.

Using strong weapons will be good at taking out enemies when they are standing around in clusters. One-on-one will definitely need the accurate shots, so use smaller weapons, like the ice cream and water cannon, to do big-time damage.

Besides, you can also upgrade those weapons in that the character customization options are equally cool, ranging from full-blown military gear to the classic Woodchuck look.

When making a run with gold bars in your possession, watch out enemies behind you as they will take pot shots from the rear, and if you run out of energy, you lose whatever gold you collected in this game.

Remember not to walk across a level when you can fly as there will be certain points in each map loaded with jump ramps.
Using these will make you fly to the other side and help you reach money trucks faster as well.

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