Coins Blue Crystal Cheats Dungeon Gems on Android

Dungeon Gems is combining role-playing elements with puzzle and trading card game play
Here, you have to accomplish the main goal that is to quest through a seemingly endless number of dungeons, defeat monsters and demons, collect treasure, and increase your squad to become the most powerful elemental fighting force along the game.

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Later on, elemental properties play a really central role, where the game employs a rock-paper-scissor mechanic where Fire beats Plant, Plant beats Water and Water beats Fire in that Light and dark are strong against each other.

Each of the game’s dungeon comes with its own specific elemental so you have to organize your team made up of the elemental that is strong against the dungeon one.
If you are coming to a Plant dungeon and a fire dungeon, make sure to bring many water characters as much as possible.

Enhancing character will be required when you fight against boss.
Therefore, it is very important to enhance your character as much as possible by sacrificing cards you do not use.
But you must keep your essence cards, as they are used for evolution.

On the other side, evolving a card raises its rarity level and sends it back to level one with all the previous stats intact
For such reasons, it will be possible to power it up further, as a card can only be evolved after it has reached the maximum experience level.

Rare cards are more powerful versions of regular cards.
Anyway, the card needs to be at the maximum experience level in order to be eligible to evolve.

Once evolving it, the next time you enhance the card, it will increase the experience points massively that will come to a gigantic experience level and statistical boost.

In line with this, you can get rare cards, through elite portal summons and you have to complete limited time events as well.
Besides, in order to find more rare cards aside from doing the elite portal summons, you will want to go to the limited time events that pop up when you are on the main screen.
During these events you will also have a higher chance of obtaining essence cards, which will be required for evolution.

When selecting which leader card to take with you as a helper, make sure to choose the most powerful one that is the strongest and your most enhanced card is evolved when possible

Because of this, the other players will be tempted to choose your card before battle.
Thus this will earn you social points, which can then be used for social summons, so that you will be able to have a hot slightly higher chance at earning you a rare card then token summons do in this game.

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