Power ups Cheats Dungeon Highway on Android

Dungeon Highway is a new running game, you will be assigned to guide a warrior down an endless path, while dodging walls and structures and shooting incoming enemies then collecting additional power-ups to survive and help you gain high scores along the game.

dungeon highway tips

When playing dungeon highway game, you will simply tilt to move your hero and tap to shoot any object ahead to reach the highest score
Throughout the game, all you have to do is simply to guide your character by tiling your device left and right then tap to shoot any enemies on your path.
Furthermore, you can tap anywhere on the screen to shoot little flame balls, which will destroy enemies getting in your way.

In order to get a high score in this game, you will be go through walls and structures
In line with this, you must keep your eyes open on small gaps that they will be your way to pass through between the walls and structures.

At the same time, you can also fire numerous shots in a row when seeing a string of enemies coming to your way in which you have to maneuver carefully while shooting them in much often.

When running on your way, you often see several items that can be picked up that you can use as your gears later on.
Using The Yellow jar will help you increase in size as it will double your character’s girth and allow him to take one hit before they return back to their normal size.

Meanwhile, The Blue jar will give you with a spread shooting power-up temporarily and you can eliminate multiple enemies at one time.
If you want to increase firepower for a limited amount of time, you can use The Arrow shaped power-up that you can use to clear the way at once, and it is going to be faster than you would with your normal torch capabilities.

And, you can use the Grey jar power up to slow down time for a few seconds, whereby it will give you the chance to catch up with your footing, and you can move a little too fast as well.

When playing in normal mode, you will simply be pacing and objects that gradually increase as you go along the way.
On the other side playing Hardcore will be much more difficult, as you will deal with even more objects and enemies.

In addition, playing Daily Challenge will change every 24 hours, and you will dealt with new level terrain, and give you access to earn a new high score.

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