Gems Cheats Dungeon Keeper on Android

In dungeon keeper game, you must complete each goal and collect some resources such as gems, gold and stone
Also, you have to attack other keepers’ dungeons, both player-controlled ones and the campaign ones, while protecting your own dungeon from getting ambushed, and also gathering the gems, gold and stone as the resources in this game.

dungeon keeper tips

In order not to get attacked in long period, you have to defend your territory
Because of this, defending your dungeon will be the most important thing where you have to protect areas such as the dungeon heart, treasury, warehouse, but you can take it a step further by redirecting the paths to each one.

At this point, you can use fill dirt to fill in the stock paths, then use your imps to dig out longer, more convoluted paths.
Note that the paths should be within range of your defensive towers as well.

Before going to attack the others dungeon, it will be better to test your own defense early on and make sure you build your defense with all of the traps placed, and a good number of defensive buildings

Afterward, you can test your dungeon by sending in your minions from all possible spawn points and you can see if your defenses kill them.
Remember that you will need the gold when doing such action.

When going to raid enemy dungeons, try to change up your strategy depending on their defenses.
And if you are attacking someone with loads of traps placed, make sure to send in your trolls first to deal with them and with defensive rooms.

Meanwhile, you can let them take them out or distract them, then send in bile demons to deliver huge damage to resources, and send in vampires to do huge damage to the dungeon heart
Moreover, you can also try to send in any of the troops who attack the “closest room”, so that they can run through without getting injured at all.

In the way of collecting gold, you can earn them through your quarries and mines, and both can be upgraded later on
On the other side, gold will be most important as you will spend large amounts of it on troops, so try to upgrade gold mines and treasuries first, and to the highest level.

If you want to earn more gems in this game, just tap on the “star” logo to find a list of achievements, and knock each of them, then claim the rewards like gems.
In line with this, send them into the gem vains and hard gem vains for loads of free gems.

In addition, those gems can also be gathered from digging up regular dirt, whereby you must load up on fill dirt, dig it out and you can redo that actions until you get gems as you want.

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