Tips to Play Dungeon Village Lite on Android

Always use items to boost the stats of your adventurers or increase the potential of the shops you have built.
Give your warriors some gifts to convince them to live in your village.

Dungeon Village Lite

Build some buildings to generate income and let buildings consume your consumable items to increase the value and quality of the building.

Town layout is very important to maximize your towns limited area and plants like trees and flowers will also give you boosts.

Just plant something in the center of 8 surrounding buildings and to fill in 9 tiles and give paths all the way around these buildings.

Take the places that generate the most, such as the Circus and also the Inn to earn you massive income, and try to maximize Inns to be dedicated for 9 tiles and in the center to be placed 7 Narcissus plants around it then leaving a path in from of the inn for visitors to walk into.

Each of the Narcissus plants will boost your money.
Try to strengthen your fighters with weapons first then give them HP and DEF boosts from an early stage of the game before monster battles.

Just earn points to be spent on events to increase the town’s popularity or otherwise strengthen its inhabitants, or on new facilities to build.

Always make sure large monsters are dealt with as soon as they appear as their presence reduces the appeal of your town.

A good way of convincing warriors to stay in your town is to give them gifts. Be warned though that this can be an expensive gesture.

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