Gold Cheats Dungeons and Dragons Arena of War on Android

When playing dungeons and dragons arena of war game, you will be assigned to complete goals to level up your hero and collect some loots

d&d arena of war tips

In this turn-based combat, you must make your strikes count in which you will just tap and hold on your character, aiming at an enemy, then release to watch your heroes run into their target and attack.
When you start battling, you will just deliver a lot of one hit kill strikes.

During in the battle, every level features explosives on the small arena map where you can aim your runs while hitting the bad guy into one and killing them to gather bonus.
Meanwhile, to perform combative play, you can also aim just right to take out two enemies with explosives during just one turn.

In the beginning of the game, you can choose your class like a ranger then do some quest to collect items.
In addition, all you need to focus on is to kill your enemies, collect loot, and level up your heroes.

In this game, you will be allowed to use special powers to increase your heroes strikes.
In line with this, you will have to collect items firstly before going to get these powers then fusing them together after a quest has been completed at one time.

Note that your characters can only use them every 30 turns whereby you can use the wisely when facing tougher enemies in order to defeat them.
When fighting against them, use your strategy in that situations then try harder to strike enemies into explosives and against walls.

Doing some quests will use an energy system in that every quest will take a lot of energy and you will be assigned to use 100 points in this situation and you will need 10-20 energy for each quest

Once doing that action, every 1 point will be restored within every 3 minutes so that try complete every quest with your energy carefully.

During the quest, you are forced to replay earlier levels to try collecting more items and to increase your power as well.

Furthermore, your energy bar will get automatically refilled over time then fusing a few skills and opening up a couple of chests will help you later on.

Gathering items will indeed have its purpose like enhancing arrow and bolt abilities
Therefore, once you collect certain spell cards and scrolls, you can mix them up into a dungeon gumbo pot and increase the level of a certain skill that will be employed during your fights.

You can also use some potions during the fight section
And having your friend join your campaign is also an important aspect of moving forward and a little help from your friends will help you beat any enemy and save your hide.

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