Machines Spells Cheats Elementalist on Android

In elemntalist game, you will have to gather gold coins to purchase more spells and characters
Elementalist is a new RPG where you take a roles as a young mage who is an apprentice to the typical looking old sage wizard and you will go through the various battles and adventures along the way and introducing new spells that can be use to defeat some villains you meet along the game.

elemntalist tips

Besides spells, you will be assigned to accomplish some quests from battle to battle, that will earn you between one and three stars on every battle
During the quest, you can use a variety of elemental magic attacks where you will have to draw the shape of the spell that you are casting
Thus, try to draw it better so that your spells will be more effective applied in the battlefield.

Remember that when you are drawing the spell, concentrate on the bar at the top of the screen.
In line with this, you will not get the spell perfectly in which you only have to fill up the bar and depending on how accurate you are, you will not need draw the whole spell in order to get a perfect grade on it.

When battling with enemies, look for their weak spot as every enemy has a certain elemental weakness.
On the other side, you can use your spells with the element strong as this will deal double the damage to the enemy.

During tough battles, try to experiment and prepare to lose, then when playing through the second time, try to use the strong elemental spells more often.

When fighting against the enemies, you can take advantage of your spell’s special powers.
In line with this, fire spells burn an enemy when drawn perfectly, while earth spells will add an extra layer of protection.
Meanwhile, wind spells will do critical damage, while water spells will cast a gradual healing spell.

And if you want to power up your spells extra, go to an old stage and play it over and over, using the spell that you want to upgrade.
At this point, you have to use it over and over until it is ready for upgrade, then go to the store and upgrade it.
For further, you can do this every time when you get stuck on a tough stage.

In addition, in order to cast spells in battle, one must draw a given pattern.
As making progresses through the game, you will earn more game currency, either gold or coins that you can use to unlock new and powerful spells.

Except purchasing more advanced spells, you can also have more advanced characters with special powers and more powerful equipment that will specifically increase different buffs and stat boosts.

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