How to Solve Ellie Help Me Out Please Another Room Android

Step by step to escape another room in ellie help me out please game
Tap on medicine cabinet to get a towel then keep it for later.
Toggle view to the other side of the room then tap on the electric chair to get Ellie sat on it.

Ellie Help Me Out Please

Now tap to pick a trowel on floor at the bottom left of screen.
Toggle view to left side of room again then select trowel as the current item. Just tap on floor right next to the basin in order to make Ellie lift up the tile and dig deeper to discover a pattern.

With trowel in her hand, now ask her to dig the floor tile.
Under the tile will be the two revealed patterns point and intersect.
Afterward find a cloth bag there.
Choose cloth bag and tap on Ellie’s head to look inside it to get a bottle of scouring powder.

Choose scouring powder then tap on the filthy sinks located at left of the screen. Just make her use the scouring powder on them.

Make her wipe the sinks with a towel in the inventory till the sinks sparkles by cleaning sinks reflect light: left, left, right, right, right, left, right, right, left, right, right, right.

Clues to make sinks sparkles like new
Make sure to search two items at this side of room that are the bag and the padlock.
Tap on Ellie’s bag to find a padlock. Use your two fingers and twist on the padlock according to the sequence of how the sinks reflect light just now: left, left, right, right, right, left, right, right, left, right, right, right.

Afterward you will find a bottle of baby oil after opening the bag.
Now pick baby oil as current item then tap on the medicine cabinet to lubricate the cabinet so you can close it.
But tap the medicine cabinet again to leave it open for later purpose.

There is something pasted on the wall next to Ellie’s bag.
There are 6 large boxes illustrated on top and 10 small boxes at the bottom.
Now try to analyze 10 small boxes first.

Notice that the first one is empty, second box has a dot, third box has two combined dots, forth one has three combined dots etc.
Each dot represents numbers so 6 large boxes on top can be interpreted this way

7 (blue) 0 0
8 (red) 0 0
Now save that code for the next hint.

Now toggle view to the other side of room then find a poem by checking underneath the electric chair that said selling souls to demons dark, piteous plaints in shadow stark.

Tricks to solve padlock code and poem
Tap on top left of your screen to see that the door has a letter combination padlock with `Plead the fifth` written on that padlock
Just simply read the fifth word of the poem to see ‘DARK’ then turn the padlock to this word in order to open the door.
Tap on the left machine behind those bars to see this panel.
See carefully that there is a lot of numbers and switches below the voltage meters.

Solving the good end or the bad end
The good end hint is make sure that both blue and red signals are on or Ellie will die at the end
Try around the switches to make the voltage meter total up to 700 for blue
Try to reset again and work on the switches to make the voltage meter total 800 for red.
Note: You have to make sure that both blue and red signals are on, otherwise Ellie will die horribly at the end.

The bad end hint is just turn on the blue light and proceed
This is how to turn on the lights
blue = 15, 5, 7, 3, 10
red = reset, 14, 10, 12, 4, 5, -2

How to rescue Ellie from that another room
Just select baby oil as your current item then tap on the other side of the machine.
Make sure Ellie oil that machine to see the lever shining.
Get the lever pushed to your left.
Get the hooks above moved to push slightly the medicine cabinet’s mirror at the other side of room.
Now tap on the mirror to discover the real Ellie because the fake Ellie comes up as ‘Crazie’ again such as in the first room.
Now go back to the lever and make Ellie push the hooks to their right a few times, then push down to lower the hooks.
Make sure that one of the hooks is on top of the iron hatch and the other one is in the right beside real Ellie’s left arm. Remember if you do otherwise you will see the bad end.
Now tap on the hook above iron hatch for Crazie to attach the hook with the hatch.
Then go back to the lever, push up to get the hatch opened now.
Remember if you turned both lights on Crazie would fail to electrocute Ellie and you will see her start climbing the stairs.

How to kill Crazie
With Crazie climbing down the stairs, carefully tap on the Ellie’s surroundings according to these steps
Tap Ellie’s left arm in order to make sure that her arm can move
Tap hook beside Ellie
Tap cords beside Ellie’s feet, which are bursting with fireworks right now
You have electrocuted Crazie, and the real Ellie is now safe for a good end.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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