How to Escape Room for Ellie Help Me Out Please on Android

Tips to solve the code, the drawer, poster on the wall, message on bed etc in ellie help me out please game
Get a coin as the first hint
Tap and take the bronze coin on the floor the put it in your inventory
On the top left screen just tap the eye button to open up your bag.
Tap on the coin to choose it then tap back button.

Ellie Help Me Out Please

Now the coin has replaced the eye button that means the coin is now the selected item and ready to be used.
Note that you will need to repeat this action when you want to switch between items.
Just flat the coin by tapping the vice on the wall in order to get a flattened edge coin to unscrew the screws

Steps to solve the code puzzle on the mirror
Look at a mirror on the wall then get all screws loosened up by using the flattened coin you have just made.
Afterward tap on the mirror with that flattened coin to get the mirror.
Look around the poster on the wall at the corner of this room then explore it to interpret some codes later.
Pay attention in a desk beneath that poster as well then just tap on it until Ellie say “I’ll try pulling the drawers.”
While standing at the desk and pulling those drawers, just tap on camera button on top right of screen to get a toggle view.
Remember if you managed to open the drawer before tapping on camera button you would never complete the game as you are one item short.

Try to get the hint to pull the drawer
Look at the other side of the room then tap on the book at bottom left of screen to pick up the organizer.
Go back to the other side of room then tap on the desk’s surface to find an interrogation list said many names and numbers.
Read and focus on the first letter of every listed initials name saying O-P-E-N-D-R-A-W-E-R if you carefully interpret those first and last name.
Look at the hints code to open the drawer 7 83 30 0
Then get back to the poster on wall and think to refer to the numbers on the poster with the code you got from the desk surface the draw the boxes on a piece of paper to get this pattern
7 === = = 8 === = ===3 = = = 3 = = =0 === === === 0 === === ===
Now connect all the boxes on that poster with the code to get this formula CLLCLC.
C means center and L means left so that it becomes center-left-left-center-left-center in order to solve the drawer mechanism

Clues to solve the drawer puzzle with the pattern CLLCLC
Tap on desk until Ellie says: “I’ll try pulling the drawers again,” to make her pull the drawers with this sequence code: Center, Left, Left, Center, Left, Center
After opening the drawer ask Ellie to open and check inside the drawer to get a trowel and a message: “There is M.onStar.”

Try to find a message with hidden ink
Now toggle camera view to another side of the room then tap a pillow on bed.
Move the pillow away to find a message written in hidden ink.
Try to heat it to reveal the rest of the message with using hairdryer.

Hints to get a heat to reveal the message
Go back to the other side of room and select the trowel.
Tap on the floor tile where the mushroom there
Just make Ellie dig deeper in order to find a buried human arm with a golden ring on it.
Try to analyze and interpret how the golden ring reflects light with referring the numbers on the poster on wall then you will get a morse code
short short 1long long long 0short long long 6
So the numbers is 106 then use that as a code later.

Ways to open the bag lock with the code
Select the organizer in the inventory and tap on Ellie to make her read it.
It will remind Ellie that she actually has hair dryer and gym clothes inside her bag.
Now tap on the bag then enter the code 106 onto its lock to unlock it

Procedures to reveal the rest of the message on the bed with hairdryer
After the bag has been opened check it twice to get both hair dryer and gym clothes.
Now select hair dryer and plug it into the electric socket on the wall to make a heat.
Toggle view to the other side of room and use the hair dryer to reveal the hidden message on bed.
You should have read all the messages on the bed and discovered the secrets within

How to discover what M.onStar is and the secret of the girl in the mirror
Now select gym clothes from the bag and put it into the toilet.
Ask Ellie to pull the string above the toilet to get water spilled all over the floor now.
The code “There is M.onStar” discovered in the drawer means M is mirror and onStar is star sign on the floor
Just try to put the mirror on the star sign.
By doing so you should have seen a girl in the mirror

How to get Crazie out of the mirror
Just call the girl in the mirror with Crazie for now and help Crazie escape the room otherwise she is going to kill the real Ellie
Now ask Crazie to check on wall beside the bed in order get roman numbers that is VII IXI IIV III.
Look at the antique clock on the same wall then refer that roman numbers to get a code 791253.
Select trowel then make Crazie dig part of the wall just right above the iron hatch to find emergency exit code.
Enter code 791253 to open the emergency exit to get out Crazie from the room and saved the real Ellie

How to solve bad end and good end
But now Crazie is targeting us instead.
Choose the option either bad end or good end

Bad End
Just tap repeatedly on the screen until Crazie climbed down the stairs to see her paying you with the trowel in her hand.
Remember as you have to replay the game if you want to see the good end after you have seen the bad end because this game will not allow you to save your progress.

Good End
Toggle camera view to the other side of room where Ellie is
Just tap on her to make sure that she can move her legs a little bit.
Toggle camera view back to right side of room
Just tap on hair dryer to ask Ellie to pull the plug to get Crazie electrocuted
Now you and Ellie are safe

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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