Gem Cheats End of Aspiration Android

When playing in this a dynamic fantasy RPG, you can choose the characters such as Yute, Eril, Kiton, Earon and Kaede
Besides each character has its own individual personalities, and its beliefs driving the story forward.

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Yute is a young man who has inherited his fathers enthusiasm and followed his fathers footsteps in the journey around the world as a trader.
Eril is a young woman of the Azure Sorceress, who alone is standing up against a group making secret moves in the shadows of the world and hoping to protect the things that she loves much

Kiton is a young girl in the journey of finding out her true identity
Earon is an old teacher who wants to correct the path one of his former pupils
Kaede is a woman who follows Earon as his apprentice

As a team mate you will have a battle of beliefs and destinies for the Atomijems that will be sources of huge power from the ancient civilization
In this game you will aim for dramatic reversals in battles by using powerful Familiar Spirits
Try to get more rare items and enjoy extra dungeons by making additional purchases

Try also to mix and match a wide range of skills of every player in any other way
To get more enjoyment of playing this game additional purchases will allow players to earn rare and interesting items, and to enjoy extra dungeons and towns with a friendly warmth of beautiful 2D graphics

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