Energon Cheats Transformers Legends Android

If you want to beat bosses in missions and win pvp ambush of transformers legends game, be sure to join an Combat Cache event that sometimes occurs during a Mission.

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In this session you will have a chance to get a character card by choosing one of five face-down cards. Choose a rare character card among those cards.

During a PVP Ambush, you fight other players just as you do in Standard Battles, except that Battle Cubes are not consumed, and there is no penalty for losing.
You can So you have to struggle to beat other players to earn Credits, Battle Points and XP by defeating them.
So that you will level up after getting xp points You have to defeat enemy bosses in order to earn Credits and even weapon cards.

When challenging a player you deplete Battle Cubes.
Each side has a Battle Team of nine Units so you have to create solid team to win the battle.
Create more powerful foe in order to win the more Credits, XP and Battle Points.

Refill energon and use it in completing missions in this game
Beat a boss to level up so you can recover all of your energon.
You automatically regain one unit of energon per minute.
Try to use a Full Energon Recharge to fully restore your energon.
Just select exit to leave the current mission to restore energon.

You have to get enough Battle Cubes to enter a battle in a Standard Battle.
You will have one Battle Cube recover per hour.
Get your Battle Cubes restored fully a Full Battle Cube recharge, or a Battle Cube Recharge to restore one Battle Cube.
You have to beat other opponents in Standard Battle to earn Battle Points.
When having enough Battle Points you can exchange them for new weapons The Battle Point Space Bridge can be called to earn a valuable weapon card.

Collect friends points in transformers legends game Get more allies to help you fight against other players.
Try to level up first to increase the number of Allies you may have.
Just send a person a message to earn Friend Points.
You can cheer or send Messages to Allies in order to collect Ally Points.
When getting enough ally points the Free Space Bridge can be opened to gain valuable character cards.
Note that you have to activate Space Bridge with Battle Points, Ally Points, Medals or MobaCoins so that you can get new character cards and new weapon cards from it.

Locate each Transformer’s ALT or think vehicle form then combine it with their robot persona to boost the cards level stats and pair those cards with weapons.

Make the ultimate team of Autobots or Decepticons in single player and multiplayer mode.
On the single-player side, you will need Energon to complete missions with scanning environments to locate cards, repelling missiles and squaring off against the computer.
You can uncover more cards with the Space Bridge and combine or sell cards, or even use spare cards to make another one stronger.

On multiplayer mode, you will meet random opponents and friends in 9 vs 9 automated card battles online in which it will need the ability to strategically select cards one at a time.
And you will be matched up against players of the same level automatically in that there will be much to be had from obsessing over your deck beforehand.

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