Evolve Rare Card Skill in Legend of Cryptids Cheats on Android iPhone

When playing in legend of cryptids game, you can use another skilled card to enhance the other card in that the skill or the element of the card you are working on.

Legend of Cryptids

When leveling a skill card level 1 to level 2 in a rarity of 4 rare stars with using a 1 star common card that has a level 1 skill on it will be a 10% or 20% to get success rate.

When leveling a skill card level 2 to level 3 in a rarity of 4 rare stars with using a 1 star common card that has a level 1 skill on it will be a 10% or 20% to get success rate.

But when leveling a skill card level 3 to level 4 in a rarity of 4 stars rare and using a 1 star common card that has a level 1 skill on it the % will be over a 60% to get success rate.

Notes:Try to use a card with a rarity of stars to level your skill as you will a small chance level up a skilled card.
Example: If you are using a card with a rarity of 1 star and you try to level up a skill then use another card with a rarity of 1 star so it will still be a 1% chance so on

To level the skill of a card take a note for some reasons
Only do this to raise the level of the skill that a card pertains on it.
Each skill is unique to a card. Some skills are worthless and you might not want to do this because it’s expensive and time consuming.

On the other hand a lot of cards have great skills on them.
These are the cards you want to perfect, then only focus on leveling their skills after they are evolved.
Depending on your play style, with the right skills and cards you can make a huge difference and turn the tides of battle.

In order to max the card is just use multiple cards at a time of the same element that are a rarity of 2 stars that is regular level 1 evolved commons.
Thus it will increase your chances of getting a “great success”.

Remember as the element does not need to be the same as the card you are working on for evolving it.
If you choose the multiple cards they have to be the same element.
Try to enhance a water card with three of 2 star fire cards to enhance it at the same time.
So it will boost to XP or experience point in %100 though.
After the cards is max, you can level up either level or skill level.
Because of the cards max ATK and DEF are fixed even though you enhance them the final result value will be the same.

Tips to get a perfected card in legend of cryptids game
In order to perfect your card is just try to take two of the same card then enhance them to the highest level or evolve them to get an extra 5% to 10% in which the parameters will carry over to the evolved version of the card.
This process will give the card the highest possible parameters stats to work.
After leveling the card to the highest possible level your card will get fully maxed to a perfected card.
Always level up the card to the highest possible level first then evolve them to be the fastest card.

Try to sacrifice unneeded cards to enhance Cryptid.
To beat the bosses you have to need a defense before heading in.
Try to knock out a boss to get huge experience bonuses including a treasure trove of goodies such as energy drinks, coins, items to enhance your cards skills.
Try to have a guild at your back first with better cards than your opponent, or you will lose.
Go to the message board, link up with friends and a guild then battling among others online
Try to summon friends of each element type to get help when fighting with the bosses
Try to evolve the card into one much more powerful card through its card evolution system when getting two of the same cards.
Try to evolve two vanilla water dragons into a Illusionary Black Dragon, which has a higher level than the previous two cards, with higher attack and defense power as well.
Try to earn a new card, coins, items that enhances your character, or some combination among them by winning each quest battle in this game.
Try to complete quests and win battles against real opponents in order to get Friendship Points.
You will get a card pack if you earn 200 Friendship Points.
So log in daily to get 400 Friendship Points in order to earn two cards packs everyday.

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