Gems Stones Cheats Fable Age on Android

Fable Age is the combination of role-playing tactics and puzzle game
Here, you can combine gems together then go to the battlefield to fight your way through battle scenarios to level up up your heroes.

fable age tips

First thing you have to do is to select your character from the Beast, Snow White to Robin Hood, each with special elements then take part in a series of battles.

During each turn, you will link together gems on the bottom half of the screen, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

In line with this, you have to arrange them in successful strain, so that you can regain energy with pink gems and set up battle power amongst fire with red gems, earth in green gems and water in blue gems based enemies.

Besides, you can string together combos after setting up a strain of five gems or more, equally lengthened gems will link together, so that you can create more power for your character.
Doing so will help you try and link them together at the bottom of the screen, as this creates more possibilities for gems to drop down.

Later on, you can also add new heroes to your line-up, gain new experience through potions and books, and battle among other players online.

As making some progresses, you will come across various quests where you can earn treasure chests that you can open up that will give you a variety of characters, including frog princes, common soldiers and more.

Getting them will allow you to increase your heroes by adding them to your team, so that you will be helped when dealing with larger groups of enemies.

For later adventure, try and keep a good balance with your team when it comes to fire, earth and water essences in which you have to select your character in good consideration.

Also, paying the Oracle a visit will earn you rare Heroes, though you will occasionally need to spend gems to make a sweeter deal with her.

In accordance with all of your gems, you should watch out for gems that have plus symbols next to them as they will add extra power to your attacks and techniques
Plus, chaining two or more in a strain will make you nearly unbeatable to smaller enemies.

On the other side, chaining together several pink heart-shaped gems will give you a boost and allow you to continue fighting as your strength will increase.

Next up, linking different gems together, depending on the members of your team will unleash a powerful squad attack.
In the future, this will let your team take down multiple foes at once, and this will make your team survive any longer as well

Finally, be sure to give area attacks a try. This is where you can
Moreover, chaining together gems in a shape on the playfield will multiply your attack strength that will come to some damage toward enemies.

Meanwhile, you will often find books in the battle in which you can use them to level up your heroes
Thus, go to the Power-Up menu under the Heroes tab then select the hero that you want to level up.

Once doing so will gain a level to your heroes, so that they become even stronger with their element, and in general battles.

In addition, when a character is charged up, you can use their special attacks to deliver the hurt on the enemy so you must keep an eye on your elements when using these skills like using the Beast that will overcome water-based enemies in this game.

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