Gold Money Cash Cheats Farm Frenzy 3 Android

When playing farm frenzy 3 game, you must replay a level after playing it once in order to receive gold time on a level.
Also, replay some levels to receive additional stars to purchase items in the shop or to receive the diligent trophy or the not touching any products trophy.

Farm Frenzy 3 guides

Try to sell animals before they land by selecting the warehouse or truck before it lands. Note that bears, jaguars and lions will toss any items they touch when they land.

Just click on the factory to expedite factory production.
Always remember as a thin red line will appear to the left or the right of the buildings completion meter.
When the thin red line reaches the top of the meter, the building will explode.

Remember that when a dog interacts with a dangerous animal in this game, the dog disappears along with the dangerous animal.
If necessary try to buy items from the shop to upgrade on each proceeding level.
Just purchase the cage upgrades first. Then purchase the truck and warehouse later on.

Make a research each level before proceeding.
Check the goals, the amount of time to complete the level, the buildings that are available, the amount of money given, the amount of animals given and what products are available from the helicopter.

Get hurry to collect products soon after they appear they will disappear if you wait too long. And always prepare enough room in the warehouse to collect the products.

Try to complete a level in gold time so that you will get the maximum amount of stars
Remember not to leave products uncollected.
Some eggs, cookies, cakes, or something altogether more exotic will disappear if you do not tap on them quickly, wasting time and potential profit.

Just upgrade your warehouse space as when your warehouse fills up, some products cannot be stored so always provide a bit of extra space to play with.
Try to capture predators as sources of getting extra cash early in the game.
When getting a group of lions, make sure to sell them right away in order to get cash quickly and free up warehouse space.

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