Diamonds Gems Cheats Fashion Icon Android

Tips to get free money and energy in fashion icon game
Just be a judge for the runway 15 times for 200 gold every 24 hours or try another way to battle girls on the street or in the bar to earn money as well.
Also, you can spin the wheel for collecting free coins

fashion icon review walkthrough

Use your diamonds for extra daily spins
Send a request to the other player to become your followers as their name will show up afterward then restart the game and then not to waste money on everything

In order to get free gems all you have to do is just follow these instructions
Go to a store
Just click on the clerk
Now click on check the shop, and there will be a “free gems” button at below your avatar.
Watch a video given within 30 second in order to get one free gem or diamonds cash

Note that you have to press continue when the video finishes afterward it will bring you back to the game.
Then collect your free diamonds as a reward

In order to get free energy all you have to do is just follow these actions given
Just wait for 5 minutes in which every 5 minutes your energy will get refilled one at a time
Try to to level up and all your energy will get back soon
You can buy your energy by using Diamonds or real money

Try to get a gift from your boyfriend
You have to date for a certain amount of time before your boyfriend gives you a gift.
Try to stay with him during the whole time to get 3 gifts but if you get bored, flirting with another guy will be allowed in the process of getting your gift.
Remember that the maximum amount from one boyfriend are 3 gifts that you will get from him
Afterward the game will ask you to flirt with someone else because that boyfriend you date has bee already reaching his maximum of giving his gifts.
Always do those steps if you want to get more gifts

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