Elixirs Gil Cheats Final Fantasy 3 Android

Follow these instructions to get easter eggs in ff3 android iphone
Secret Message
Press Hold Up-Left + Select + Start and Power On the console.
At the black screen, release the Select button to see the hidden message.

ff3 hints

Free Elixirs
After you defeat the Death Wizard, return to Argas Castle.
Switch your white mage to the front of your party and open the locked doors.
In one of the doors is another white mage.
Talk to him to get elixirs.

The Secret of Altar Cave
After you beat the giant turtle, change your party’s jobs and enter the cave again after leaving to get more treasure.
Inside is your first spell and several good weapons.
There are a few spots in the cave that obviously look like dead ends, but are actually fake walls filled with treasure chests.

Follow this guide to get secret job: Onion Swordsman, one of the most powerful jobs with the Onion Equipment + past level 90’s.
Register someone elses’s or multiple communication ID under Mog Net.
Send message to another PC 7 times
Send and receive 4 messages from Topapa where you will receive a message to do a mini-quest on the fourth one.
Go to Ur at first town in the game
Talk to Topapa
Go to the cave up north of the cave
Have an event to be proceeded to fight 3 bombs at the drop hole
Obtain a piece of crystal to unlock Onion Swordsman after the battle

How to get an access to secret dungeon
There is a secret dungeon containing a secret boss harder than the last boss so follow the procedures to get it
Send a total 7 mails to another PC (one or multiple) using Mog Net.
Send 4 mails using Mog Net to the NPC: The 4 Elderly
Send 4 mails to King Arusu to unlock a quest after reading the fourth one
Go underwater to go riding on the airship
Go and find the floating island then go exactly east afterward.
When seeing a shadow in the waters you have to go underwater to enter the cave right away
Now you will meet the secret boss who is notorious and mean soon after entering the dungeon.
It does a total of 4 attacks per sound and also uses Meteo.
You should have a very high level before attempting this fight.

How to duplicate items in Final Fantasy III
All useable items such as Chocobo’s Rage, Elixir, Phoenix Down not including weapons/armors/magic can be duplicated by using following procedures
Via non-battle open menu screen then select “Items”
Place the item which will be duplicated in the very top left corner in item list
Enter a battle randomly then select “Item” on any characters.
The cursor has to be at the very top left of the item box where you have placed the item there. Now hit UP and A button together
This will lead you to Weapon or Shield list whereabouts half second.
By doing so the code has worked after hitting “cancel’ or B button.
Go to your inventory to check the item quantity has been added by one.

How to dive into Saronia
The nautilus is required to do so thus save before doing so
When having voyage to the western side of Saronia there is an area with the most trees on the continent with the castle on it, upper left corner of map, not on the floating continent. Find a place between two rivers
Have the tip of this area touched down that touches the ocean in order to dive into it.
Now you can ‘bore’ into the continent.
But if you exit into the ocean you will be pushed out and have to dive into the continent once more. Luckily while tunneling through the continent, you will not encounter any creatures.
On this occasion you can surface through mountains at any point within the continent.
You can either diving into the continent or entering an area while normally flying around in will shove you out of the other area and not let you back.
With enough skill and dumb luck, you can easily get to Falgabard without the Invincible.

How to get 5x free Mini and Toad spells
When getting the first Mini spell from Desch, continue exploring until you find a forest with a gnome and a healing spring to know how to reach Tozus from him.
Teach yourself first with Mini then he will give you anything like supplying you with another Mini spell.
Do the same with the Toad spell received from one of the blind men in Gulgan Gulch.
Do this trick up to four times to get scoring one Mini/Toad spell per party member and one for your inventory.
Think that you have originally sold/trashed the supplied original Mini/Toad spell to get glitch worked as if the game counts what is in the inventory in this instance.

How to copy Magic and Unlimited Gil
Have Sight and a white magic user for first
Give Sight to a character that can use it along with the spells wanted to be duplicated.
Remove the spells that wanted to be duplicated and use Sight without leaving the Magic menu.
The spells in the Magic menu and a copy in the Item menu are still in yours. 5. Just copy and sell expensive spells to get unlimited Gil.

How to get Poison Glitch in JP version
Get 4 dragoons or less as your party and get one of them poisoned.
Then make sure everyone jump to make them all stay in the air and to get out of harm’s way, but still taking damage from the poison.

How to talk Jumping Cid
After saving Cid’s grandma or wife, he will jump out of the way revealing a secret storage room in Canaan.
Keep talking to him after the first jump to make him continue jumping each time you talk to him.
Just note that he will jump out of him house as a ninja into the darkness of the night.

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