MPs Cheats Final Fantasy VI on Android

When playing final fantasy 6 game, you will start with a single tool in the beginning, and you can get that tool from man in Figaro Castle when you visit for the first time.

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On the other words, Edgar the engineer can use the “Tools” command, which gives him access to enemy-slaying gizmos and he automatically joins the party with the Auto Crossbow.
The items such as The Bio Blaster poisons groups of enemies, and the Noise Blaster turns enemies against each other.

Meanwhile, having Sabin’s Blitz attacks will also help you dealt with heavily damage enemies without spending your MPs.
And they also have elemental properties, making them effective against enemies weak to specific elements in that Sabin learns Blitz attacks by leveling up.

Furthermore, you will dealt with undead enemies and even bosses with a simple trick whereby these creatures are actually damaged by healing magic spells.

You can also do the same to Potions and other restorative items.
For such reasons, if any undead is giving you a hard time, you can use a Phoenix Down in order to eliminate them instantly.
You can apply this trick with some bosses, like with the Phantom Train
So just use it as soon as you encounter an undead enemy during the game.

After making some progresses through the game, you are able to access Espers to all your playable characters and let them learn magic spells attached to Espers.
Plus, those Espers also grant some level up bonuses that you can use to improve certain stats and even customize the characters further.
Besides, Espers will also teach magic and boost stats and they will do more than teach magic to their wearer when they are equipped along the game.
Moreover, some of them also boost stats when the wearer levels up in which it is a great way to beef up a character lacking in some way.

You can also summon Espers in battle to deliver powerful attacks, or apply buffs.
The Esper Maduin hits all enemies for non-elemental damage, while Golem can protect the party from physical attacks.

In the way of recruiting the Moogle named Mog, you have to gain control of the Blackjack airship first.
Afterward, you can fly back to Narshe and visit the treasure hunter’s house in the eastern part of town.
Then, you have to go after the thief Lone Wolf through the mines.

As a result, after following the thief, you will have the chance to rescue Mog in the mines and he will join your party to accompany you along the way.

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