How to Solve The Mirror of Truth All Levels Android

Unlock digital clock on the table
Turn off the light to see the wall clock shows +0140To get this thing clear follow these instructions
Tap on 1 to the switch the light on.

The Mirror of Truth

Tap on 2 to turn the light OFF.
Then you will see the clock points to +0140.

Click on the first table drawer and a screwdriver will drop into the second drawer
Here is how you can do it by following these actions
Tap on 1 to the table.
Tap on 2a to open the first drawer, then a screwdriver will drop on second drawer tap on 2b to collect.
Take a screwdriver.

Take the scotch tape out from the pencil case.Do the following actions to collect the tape
Tap on pencil case 1ab.
Tap on 1b to collect the scotch tape.
Get the tape.

Take the battery out of the wall clock
Use the screwdriver to open the battery cover of the wall clock
Pull the batteries out of the wall clock cover

Focus on pc
Look at the pc then open the file to see 7230mp
scroll down so that it will show the left arrow like this .
That left arrow means to reverse the number.

The password for digital clock will be 0327 pm > 1527 + 0410 = 19377.
Place the batteries into the digital clock on the table then enter 1937 for the password
Tap on 1a to the digital clock.
Tap on 1b to left side of the digital clock.
Tap on 2a to open the cover.
Tap on 2b take the batteries.
Placed the batteries on 2cf. Tap on 3a to go back to digital clock
Input the password 1937 on 3b to unlock the digital clock.

Now the digital clock will be open then take the flash light
Tap on 4 take the flash light.

Unlock water tank cabinet
Open the digital clock cover to get the batteries out from digital clock then place the batteries into the flashlight
Turned on the flash light now
Use the flash light to light up water tank so that it will show 505, 5, 302, 2
Split the flash light to become 2 in order to make a lightbulb
Take off the lamp cover then insert the bulb
Turned on the lamp then view the ceiling
You will see x-x then apply it into 505, 5, 302, 2 to become 5055-3022 = 1921
Input 1921 to open the water tank cabinet
Open the water tank cabinet to get the key
Turn the valve to get water run out from the tank
Take the fish object from emptied water tank

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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